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Lesson Plans for Preschool Kindergarten

Fun lesson plans for language arts, math, social studies and science.
Lesson plans for preschool and K-8 classrooms, complete units are great for homeschoolers!

Our lessons are aligned with Common Core Standards. What are Common Core Standards? Click here to find out more!

Preschool Lesson Plans
Preschool lesson plans have children's games, crafts, health and character building activities, fun worksheets - Preschool printables with lesson plan activities for a fun-filled preschool day.

These lesson plans for preschool are filled with 5 days of preschool themes and activities. To sample lesson plans for preschoolers, click "Free Lesson Plans" above to download free pages of kindergarten themes and pre school lesson plans.

Click on the Preschool Lesson Plan link below to preview the complete Electronic Booklet for each lesson plans.

Lesson Plan

Patriotic Theme

Lesson Plan

Language Theme

Lesson Plan

Science and Weather Themes

Lesson Plan

4 Seasons Theme

Camp Out preschool lesson plan
All About Me preschool lesson plan
weather lesson
tree seasons preschool lesson plans pic

Lesson Plans

Spring Theme

Lesson Plans

Seashore Theme

Lesson Plans

Garden Theme

Each electronic booklet presents a lesson plan for preschool
for five full days with 20 to 40 pages of preschool activity.
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humpty dumpty spring theme
At the Seashore preschool lesson plan
In the Garden preschool lesson plans
preschool lesson plan e-booklet pic

The Classic Six Preschool-K Lesson Plan e-booklets

Electronic-booklets are in PDF format. To open and print the PDF files get the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Lesson plans for preschool theme weeks are for pre-K teachers in nursery school, daycare, kindergarten and homeschool. Purchase an e-booklet filled with lesson plans, download it to your computer, print and duplicate preschool worksheets
for all of your students and use the preschool lessons over and over again each year.
Support common core standards with these lesson plans for preschool! Provide a meaningful Day Care experience.
Learn how to homeschool by following this template! What is a lesson plan? Download these pre school lessons and lessons for K-8 and you will see a model lesson plan!

Teach your students through games, songs, crafts, worksheets, health and manners lessons.
Preschool lessons all focus on specific themes.
Following these lesson plans can help you learn:
What is a lesson plan? What are best practices? How to homeschool.

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Fun Art Lessons
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